Animal Health

Veterinarians and Veterinary Surgeons

Arendell Animal Hospital provides complete veterinarian services. This business offers boarding with private runs and separate areas for cats and dogs. Supplies such as prescription dog and cat foods, blankets and kennels are also offered at the business....more about Arendell Animal Hospital

Bridges Professional Park Animal Village is centrally located in Morehead City. This office provides complete veterinarian services. Boarding of cats and dogs is also offered with separate areas and special walks for dogs each day. Cat and dog food is also sold here....more about Bridges Professional Park Animal Village

This hospital is well known throughout the area and provides all types of veterinarian services. Mitchell Village Animal Hospital also offers boarding services for cats and dogs. Dogs can enjoy special runs. Food supplies for cats and dogs are also offered....more about Mitchell Village Animal Hospital

Morehead Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinarian office offering all types of animal care for dogs and cats only. This business also provides boarding for cats and dogs. Cats can enjoy a separate room with a large window and dogs have indoor and outdoor areas. This hospital also sells animal food...more about Morehead Animal Hospital

Newport Animal Clinic offers veterinarian care for domestic pets. The staff also offers specialty pet feeds and some supplies, such as leashes....more about Newport Animal Clinic

Pet Docks is a full-service veterinarian office with qualified, professional staff ready to care for your pets. You'll find a selection of pet food and supplies. Pet Docks has a trainer on staff offering a variety of classes for pets and their owners. This business also boards cats and dogs. Cats...more about Pet Docks Veterinarian Hospital

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